Avid Fall Exam

Himadri Nath, 1-11-16, 7th

Thought Bubble #1

Cornell note-taking has helped me grow as a student this semester in AVID. I got better at my Cornell notes by using my what I know. The notes helped me study for my tests and get amazing scores on them.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogHIyREqLd4: Picture

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Thought Bubble #2

I've got better at writing a TRF. The TRF helped me learn to make a good point of confusion question and it helps me solve my question. This helped my growth in learning.

https://sites.google.com/a/csisd.org/avid---college-station-high-school/trf-examples: Picture

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Thought Bubble #3

Tutorials helped me learn the material easier. For example, due to the tutorials, I have gotten better on a difficult concepts on math. Tutorials continues to help me gain knowledge of the topic being learned.

http://www.atlanticsharks.com/tutorials-and-trfs.html: Picture

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Thought Bubble #4

Organization is an another way my growth in learning improved. When I organize my binder, it's easier for me to find all my homework and assignments. Therefore, I don't have any missing assignments.

http://www.alvinisd.net/Page/7656: Picture

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Thought Bubble #5

Essays improved my writing skills. Revising and editing skills helped me enhance my writing. The memoir unit was an excellent topic to ensure the advancement of my writing skills.

http://only-top-essays.eu/good-avid-essays-6835159/: Picture

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Thought Bubble #6

Public speaking helped me communicate my presentations to others in a pleasant way. The skills were an important part to being a good public speaker. Overall, I've grown as a public speaker.

http://www.kaiserslauternamerican.com/school-notes-events-and-notices/photo15c-17/: Picture

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2 Avid Picture Links

http://www.mansfieldisd.org/page.cfm?p=4531&newsid=71#.Vpf1KPkrLIU: Coble Demonstration Picture

http://www.avid.org/in-the-news.ashx: Mansfield Performing Arts AVID Picture

Question #2 Final Thought Bubble

Next semester, I will continue to grow in these areas. I will continue to study and practice my skills in being organized, prepared, and more. I will also take lots of notes to help me study for tests and quizzes in order to be successful.