Steve Jobs

By Balkarn Gill

Steve Jobs born on February 24,1955 in San Francisco California United States of America.

Steve Jobs liked to be with himself.He only did challenging swimming and no sports.He liked electronics and gadgets.He went to Crittenden Middle school but kids were bullied there because it was a poor area.He was bullied to so he changed schools and joined the Hewlett-Packard Explorer club were he knew he wanted to work with computers.Later on Hewlett Packard company hired him because he knew so much about computers.

At the age of 30 he was left depressed because he got kicked out of his own company called Apple.So then he joined someone else and made his own computers.While back at Apple they were struggling to get their new product out so they told Steve he could come back.So then started to make new devices.

Steve made it to success because he never gave up new so much.He now has so much money because he made amazing devices with Apple.He has so much money.He demonstrated a growth mindset by trying harder and if he got kicked out or failed he would just keep going