Weekly Tech News

January 26, 2017

JOT Updates

I planned on doing a JOT focused on iMovie for February but have decided to make a small change. I will be focusing on Google Drive instead. This is one of, if not the most, valuable tools that I use. I noticed that some of us were unfamiliar with Drive during the QuickTime JOT. I will plan on postponing the iMovie JOT to March. February's JOT begins this week! Dates are below:

1/30 AE (QuickTime JOT)

2/1 JR High

2/6 WL

2/8 SR High

1/13 AE

3D Print

Mrs. Mault has been using the smaller 3D printers in her classroom. Some of her students brought me a design that was too large for the smaller printer but could possibly fit on the larger one. Long story short, it was still too big. After some "playing" I was able to start printing the design in sections. Each of the four pieces takes about a day to print. I'm about half way! The design is really neat, and I'm excited to hand over the finished piece when the print is complete.

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!