Alas, Babylon Newsletter

By Amelie Gilmour

Theme Of The Week!!

You need to have independence and hope for what's to come in troubling times.


Breaking news just in that most of North America has been bombed. As most of you know the Soviet Union have been threatening to attack us. It has finally happened. The news will be limited as power is out all over the country. Word has it that the President is dead and Josephine Vanbruuker-Brown is the new leader. The following are the places that are contaminated;

The New England States

New York


New Jersey



The District of Columbia






South Carolina




New Orleans

Fort Worth




Northern Indiana

Kansas City





San Fransisco



Once we get in contact with the remaining American leaders we will figure this out. We assure you that everyone will be fine and to not panic. Our soldiers are retaliating with much more devastating effects for the Soviet Union.

Interview With Lib

Amelie: Thanks for joining us here today Lib.

Lib: No problem!

Amelie: So it's been fifty years since the first bomb hit in Florida near Fort Repose. Do you still remember The Day?

Lib: Vividly. I remember the few days leading up to The Day when Randy was in such a frenzy about what Mark had told him. I'm in debt to him for warning me about The Day. When arrived I was more prepared than I would have been when the bomb first hit.

Amelie: Do you think that you needed to have independence, and to be able to think on your own, during war times?

Lib: Undoubtedly. Those who depended on others more than themselves didn't fare well during The Day times. Sure it was good to have allies that you trust, but what happens if they die? You either know what to do or you don't.

Amelie: So true. So, did having hope help you get through this miserable time, and if so, how?

Lib: I think it depends on how you view it. During the first couple of weeks when no one had the slightest idea what to do, most people had hope that everything would fix itself and didn't try and fix it themselves. Later on, when devastating amounts of people were dead, many of us had lost hope. Only the ones who still had it got through the disaster.

Amelie: I see. Did you see any changes hope had with the people you were living with?

Lib: When Dan Gunn was injured, he didn't think that he would be able to pull through and all hope was abandoned. You could see the terror in his eyes. But we still had the belief that he would get better, and eventually he did too.

Amelie: Finally, what would you give for advice to people who are going through this just now?

Lib: I would say if no one is taking control, you do it and believe in yourself. Balance your control of what you're doing and your hope for what's going to happen. Don't give up on your family and friends and do what you think is right, as what's the harm in trying.

Amelie: Thank you for joining us here today Lib.

Lib: Thanks for having me here.

Mark Bragg Announced Dead

Mark Bragg was unfortunately killed with a bomb in Omaha, Nebraska. He was on duty in the Air Force when this tragedy happened.

He will be survived by his brother Randolph (Randy) Bragg and wife Elizabeth (Lib) Bragg; wife Helen Bragg; daughter Peyton Bragg; and son Ben Franklin Peyton.

Mark was a beloved husband, father, and brother. He was a remarkable Airman, with an incredibly strong resolve. Among his service with the military, he cherished the moments spent with his wonderful children, and on the odd occasion, fishing with his brother. Mark will leave behind his wisdom and his notions for future events.

Mark lived with his family in Omaha, Nebraska. Incredibly well taken care of by his wife, Mark lived a joyful life. He will be missed considerably by all who knew him.

Riddle Of The Week

Q: With pointed fangs, I sit and wait; with a piercing force I crunch out fate; grabbing victims, proclaiming might; physically joining with a single bite. What am I?

Joke Of The Week

After a talking sheepdog gets all the sheep in the pen, he reports back to the farmer: “All 40 accounted for.”

“But I only have 36 sheep,” says the farmer.

“I know,” says the sheepdog. “But I rounded them up.”