By: Liam Daisy and Parker


Hydropower is a way to make energy with out ruining the earth. Hydropower has a good side and a bad side, for example hydropower is made from a dam (good) it also means we kill the fish that goes through the dam(bad).

What is hydropower?

Hydropower is a way to get power and energy through dams. Hydrowpower is when a turbine is placed under a dam. When the water from the dam comes out it spins the turbine and roduces energy.

How is it renewable?

The water is renewable by having the water run through the water cycle and goes through the dam continuiously.

Pros to Hydropower

1: It is a natural way to electricity.
2: You use a water as power and water is makes power.
3: Hydro power is renewable.

Cons to Hydropower

1: Fish can get trapped in the dams.
2: Building dams makes a lot of population.
3:The dams killed fish and lowered fish population.