Anne Frank Diary Writing

By Parker Kelley

Anger and Frustration theme

A reoccurring theme in The Diary of Anne Frank is Anger and Frustration. While the Franks and Van Daan where cooped up in the annex they all showed anger some time or another, but Mr. Van Daan showed more than the rest. Mr. Van Daan pushed his wife over and asked his son “Haven’t you done enough?”(407) In a very rude way. Mr.Van Daan was like this for most of the diary, even when Miep brought a cake he was rude and mean. He argued for whoever got the largest piece.

Remorse Theme

Another Theme in The Diary of Anne Franke is Rejoice. While living in the annex anything good that happens was rewarded with rejoice. Mrs. Van Daan showed rejoice on page 408. When the thief broke into the first floor of the annex they thought it was the Green Police. Wheny the realized it wasn’t. Mrs. Van Daan responded with “Thank God!”.

Mr.Van Daans Symbol

I think the Honey Badger represents Mr. Van Daan very well. Mr. Van Daan is a really rude guy, like the Honey Badger, always trying to fight others, and biting off more than he can chew. Honey badgers often do the same thing, attacking anything for any reason. In the story Mr. Van Daan says “Will you shut up?” to his son, this is probably the rudest thing he’s ever said.

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Biography of Mr.Van Daan

Biography of Mr. Van Dann:

Mr. Van Daan was born in Gehrde, Germany on March 31, 1898. Mr. Van Daans real name is Hermann Van Pels, but Anne called him Mr. Van Daan in the diary. Hermann was hired by Mr. Frank when his family moved in next door to the Franks. Mr. Frank hired Hermann as a Herb and Sausage Specialist. When the Nazis invaded Holland Mr. Frank and Mr. Van Pels made plans to go into hiding. After two years of hiding in the Annex an anonymous source tooled the Gestapo of the Jews hiding in the Annex. On October 6th, 1944 Hermann Van Pels was killed by being gassed at Auschwitz.


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