This leaflet is about computer components. i will talk to you about how they work. what job they have, how they fit in and connect to the other components.

Alan Turing

In 1936, Turing went to Princeton University in America, returning to England in 1938. He began to work secretly part-time for the British intelligence department, the Government Code and Cypher School. On the outbreak of war he took up full-time work at its headquarters, Bletchley Park.

Here he played a vital role in deciphering the messages encrypted by the German Enigma machine, which provided vital intelligence for the Allies. He took the lead in a team that designed a machine known as a bombe that successfully decoded German messages. He became very well-known. He played a really big part in the winning of world war 2. people have said that alan turing cut 2 years off the war by making the bombe. So with out him, us allies might of not won the war.

How do components link together?

The monitor and the CPU work together. Anything you want to do will go to the CPU to be processed then the CPU will send a code to the monitor using binary and the monitor will show it on it's screen. the operating system and RAM work together. The operating system sends all the application that are open to the RAM which stores the data until a application is closed
What is RAM?
What is a CPU?
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