2A Final

Breanna Danciger

Worms eye

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Birds eye

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Leading Lines

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Fill the frame

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Rule of thirds

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Best photos


This class was originally a class that was just a blow off class, I didn't want to do it at first but once school started and I was in class I got to learn I really liked the class. I learned a lot on photoshop and the elements of composition and found it very interesting. My favorite project this year was probably everyone competing to get the best photo because everyone intervened. My least favorite project was probably History of Photography because it wasn't that fun just looking up someone we don't really know about. This semester has drawn me to photography and realized how much fun it can be.

SAT Alphabet

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Humans of Fossil Ridge

"Quite honestly I am prepared and excited for the future I believe I am truly blessed in life to know at such a young age what I want to do career wise, I am 16 but most 16 year olds have that mindset and still have that 12 year old mentality that they still want to become president or still want to become a princess, also some people are most confused and my age on what they would like to do, but me I know i'm sticking to this, because I'm going to go far in life, be successful, I take life very seriously, you only have one lifetime, so i'm going to do everything i possibly can to make it a successful journey."
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Camera Operations

1. Turning the camera on and off - what you will need to do is find the slide labeled "ON/OFF" (top right of the camera) you will need to slide it in the right direction, at that point it should be on, to turn it off you do the same exact thing all over again.

2. On the camera there should be a round circle that has the options "MENU OK and FN" on the left side of it there should be a flower shaped print. You click on it and there should be 3 options there should be an off sign, a flower symbol, and a flower symbol with a magnifying glass right next to it, you can move right and click "Macro" or "Super Macro" you click on it and you will have your macro.

3. On the bottom of the camera there should be a slide labeled "Open" you will slide it down and move right so that way it will open, you place in the batteries by which side it is labeled as and after you placed in the batteries you close the top and move it left so it will lock.

4. Just like in #3 you will have to do the same thing to open it, above the batteries there should be a line where you could place something you will get your sim card and place it in there as it shows you. (on the right of it there should be a black symbol of the sim card showing how to place it in)

5. To change image size you will click the circle with the words "MENU OK" after that it will show you the shooting menu, there will be options one of the options will say "image size" move down and click on it, once you click on it it will show you your options for the sizing, choose which ever you would like and exit.

6. On the top of your camera about the on and off slide, there will be a large circle with a square piece on top, move it from the left or to the right in order to zoom in and/or out.