The Counselor's Corner

A Peek at Mrs. Brooks' Week

Small Groups & Lunch Bunches

Small groups and lunch bunches are in full swing!! If I am pulling one or more of your students during a time when you really need them in class, please let me know. I am happy to adjust schedules accordingly to meet teacher and student needs. Our groups are very important, but I never want to take away from core instructional time. I do pull lots of kiddos for lunch bunches for this very reason so please do not hesitate to let me know if I am pulling your kiddos during a time when you REALLY need them in class. I can and will adjust!!

Mrs. Brooks' Schedule September 19-23

I am listing the dates and times I am off campus for your reference. Please let me know if you have any concerns regarding any students that I need to address immediately. The next couple of weeks are hectic, and with meetings, groups, and individual responsive services, I want to be able to schedule ahead of time as much as possible. Please get with me for any student concerns.

Tuesday, 09/20/16 -- Off-campus in the morning for Counselor Cluster meeting.

Wednesday, 09/21/16 -- Off-campus in the morning for PBIS Foundations meeting.

Thursday, 09/22/16 -- Parent bullying presentation in the evening. This will be a great opportunity to touch base with parents as we have 250+ RSVPs for this event. If you have been needing to get in contact with a parent, please do your best to join us for this event. You will have lots of parents in one location as a captive audience for at least a couple of hours.

Bullying Education, Awareness, and Prevention

In addition to the bullying guidance and counseling efforts on my part, I will also be providing ideas for bullying-themed lesson plans you can tie into your TEKS and support your ongoing harmonious classroom environments. Please review the links I provide for various lessons. There will be great opportunities to incorporate more education and prevention regarding bullying as well as providing ideas for lessons to hopefully save our FABULOUS teachers a bit of time and help our Mustangs understand and help prevent bullying. This week's lesson is specifically for 3-5 grades and can be incorporated in a reading and writing lesson. I welcome your feedback. Please let me know if the lessons are helpful.

Happy thinking, reflecting, and writing!!

Montgomery Mustangs -- WAMM!!!!

Please keep an eye out for more Smores from Mrs. Brooks!