Panda Post

Issue #25

Classroom News

Please don't forget to sign and return the bottom portion of your child's third quarter report card!

We are into our new measurement unit in math and have been practicing telling time. Many students are still confusing the hour and minute hand-so please continue this important practice at home! We will be moving on to measuring area and length this week! We will have our third and final math CDB the first week of May so we have a lot of practice to be doing before then!

In reading we are still working with Drama, and we have been reading scripts out loud. This week we will learn more about stage directions!

On April 15, second graders will get to experience a book-turned-dramatic play for themselves! The Magik Theatre Company will be bringing a performance to our very own cafeteria for us to enjoy. This is serving as the second grade field trip this year. Due to budget restrictions, we are currently unable to offer "chaperone" spots as it would increase the price per ticket for everyone.

In writing, we will be starting letter writing. This is a unit that second graders always find fun and I am very excited about it!

We are now using the classroom behavior management app, Class Dojo. Students are very excited about earning points for doing the right thing! Each child has a cute monster avatar and if you connect with the app as well, students are able to customize their monster and you can view their progress daily!

Spelling words (digraph "TH"): teeth, tooth, those, they, than, these, moth, them, both, thank

Upcoming Events

4/12 Parent Involvement Event @ 5:45- Learn about our school's clubs!

4/12 Library Appreciation Day

4/15 Magik Theatre Performance!

4/21 Field Day

4/22 No School