By: Grace Kornegay

There once was a girl named Grace,

and for her it was a challenge to face,

but she would not feed the dog.

Even though she kept a log,

of when to give her food,

Grace never felt in the mood.

Even though the dog would beg,

like a child hanging on to her mothers leg,

or a boy named Andy asking for candy,

or a girl named Cory wanting a bedtime story,

she would always forget like Nemo's friend Dory.

Even though the dog would whine,

Grace was always a slug to feeding her on time,

but finally when "Ring" the clock struck nine,

she thought "Fine."

So with the dog was hungry enough to eat a horse,

Grace finally felt remorse,

nagging, dragging, tagging on to her,

and she realized the real wrong doing of her rash behavior,

and went to feed her pet in her little kitchenette.