The Enthusiastic Earthworm

Harlem Murray Pre Ap Biology April 8,2014 - Mitcham


Students will learn about some internal and external systems of the earthworm. Students will also learn about their in a trophic level, their habitat and human's impact on them.Students will also class get to take a glance at the digestive system of the earthworm and much more!

Background Information

Earthworms are a group of burrowing, spineless worm. They are apart of the kingdom Animalia and are under the phylum Annelida. They eat the live and dead matter that they encounter in the soil when they are in motion. They are an essential resource in the development of soil. Soil would be a lot less rich if it earthworms were not present.
Earthworm Dissection Lab

Circulatory System

Earthworms have a closed circulatory system to maximize its use of oxygen. They absorbs oxygen through it's skin, where it is then taken in by the dorsal blood vessels and travels to the 5 aortic arches by the esophagus where it is pumped to the lower, ventral blood vessel. The ventral blood vessel pumps the blood to all segments and organs in need of oxygen. In each segment, there is a small blood vessel that sends the blood from the ventral vessels back to the dorsal vessels, completing the loop.