Technology is Changing the World

By Nicole Schmidt

Why is the technology that is coming into the world good for us?

Technology is good for us because we are being able to communicate with others faster and easier. It also helps parents stay connected with their kids educations. When parents don't have time to go home and pay bills they can just go on a app on their phone and be able to pay from their phones. Not just parents and teachers are using it to stay in touch, doctors are also using it to skype patients/ or letting patients skype family members.

Why is the world becoming more dangerous because of technology?

Technology is changing and making our world different because some people are choosing to isolate on their phones or computers and not communicate with others other than texting or video chatting. Most people don't even notice that they have an obsession with their phones because they just get used to going on it and checking it often. When people go to bed most people can't and they try to "bring their phone to bed with them" but it is worse because a lot of people stay on their phone until they fall asleep but then the phone is in the bed with them and the radiation will also hurt you if you sleep with it every night.

1980's Technology

  • The personal computer
  • CD
  • Walkman
  • Video cassette recorder
  • Mobile phone
  • ZX spectrum
  • Camcorder
  • Game consoles
These inventions in the 80s have shown that they have started back then to make stuff that we use now but are "better". But do we know for sure that they are better or worse for us?

My Reaction

I was really happy on how this project came together and I felt like it was really a broad topic that had many sides on if technology is bad or good for us. I was really happy on how my website turned out. I would definitely do another project one smore.