West Indian Mantee

By: Bridget Appiah


The West Indian Mantee live in Georgia's Ocean. They live in warm oceans and warm bodys of water. Many West Indian Mantees live in shallow slowmoving rivers,estualites, saltwater bays, canals, and coastal areas.


They use strong tails to push themselves up and down. These mantee comes to the surfuce to breath air. They have a flat, paddle-shapped tail. It is a gentle animal.

Why is the West Indian Mantee enderagered?

This amazing animal is enderged because of hunting purposes. Historically it was hunted for fleash, bones, and hide. The fat was used to make lamp oil. Their bones were used for medical purposes, and their hides were used to make lether.

Today they are endergered because of collison with boats. They are also endangered because of last of warm water.

What needs to be done to save this organism?

Humans need to stop hunting them down. We must not hit them with our boats and listen to boat speeding laws. If we really want to save the mantees we as people must stop building flood gates and canal locks.

Why are they important to their habitat?

Mantees are important to their habitat of the ocean because the eat the items that could hurt other populations. The West Indian Mantee also help plant growth in the ocean.


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