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Who invented Mozilla Firefox?

Invention of the Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox was invented on July 15th, 2003. It was invented to be a more secure, smaller, and faster than normal Mozilla. This was created by Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross. it was also created because they wanted to expand new areas of the internet and they wanted to make more accessibility improvements to the web/ internet.

How it changed

Over the years Mozilla Firefox has changed a lot. It changed from

Firefox - Invented in 2003

Firefox 1.0 - invented in 2004- to give new versions of Firefox.

Firefox OS - invented in 2013 - to "Unleash" the full power of web on phones

Fun Facts

- Mozilla was created in 1998 followed by Firefox in 2003

- Firefox is open source and is the only browser made by a not for profit mission driven organisation

- Firefox was launched in 24 countries


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