Welcome to Planet Earth!!

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A little bit about Earth...

We, Earth people,have seven big land masses. We like to call: North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. There is an imaginary line across our planet, this line is called the equator. The closer you get to the equator the hotter it gets; the farther away you get from the equator the colder it gets. Some ways we regionalize the Earth are: time zones, countries, and continents. Some very interesting features of our Earth are Mt. Everest, The Pacific Ocean and The Sahara Desert.

The great mountain itself:

Mount Everest is located in between the boarder of Tibet and Nepal. This mountain is so amazing because it is one of the most beautiful and biggest mountains in the world.

The Pacific Ocean:

The Pacific Ocean is huge and beautiful. Some places the Pacific is located in is Hawaii and Australia.

The Sahara Desert

This desert is one of the hottest and biggest deserts. The Nile River and the Red Sea is located in the Sahara Desert.