Death Cloud

By: Marryanna Wallace

Background Info

You may know the story line behind Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson. Together they solve crimes and murders like its a two piece puzzle. You may know what I'm talking about if you have heard your friends talk about Sherlock or you may have seen the famous show Elementary. Well Death Cloud is a book without Watson and in addition to that Sherlock is a young boy solving the mystery of the "Death Cloud".
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About Death Cloud

Sherlock is a young boy that wants to spend his vacation with his brother Mycroft Holmes, but he cant because he's got some very important work to do. On the bright side Sherlock can write to him. However if he cant spend his vacation time with his brother he has to go with his aunt and uncle. I know what your probably thinking what's wrong with staying with his aunt and uncle, well there's nothing wrong with them but their maid, a whole different story Mycroft states to Sherlock in one of the letters "she is no friend to the Holmes family". after Sherlock read that his mind did go to alert and he was cautious around her. Later on in the story he meets a little boy about his age named Matty. He seemed pretty cool and fearless until the walk through the village. Matty told Sherlock about this cloud of smoke he saw that made a weird movement through a window. It scared him to be standing there so they decided to leave.

Days later Sherlock got a tutor named Amyus Crowe. While they were out one day Sherlock caught a glimpse of the mysterious smoke after it went away he went over to check it out. There was yellow powder residue left over. Sherlock was curious. He decided to take it to someone so they can examine it and tell him what it is. This journey takes Sherlock to his long life of investigation.