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Excellence and High Expectations With A Commitment to All

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March 22, 2016

Happy Tuesday!!

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week! WOW- spring went by fast and we are now around corner to start testing. During springbreak, I had the opportunity to connect with my parents, brothers and nieces. In fact, one of my nieces turned 1! It was a great birthday party. The drive was long, but thankfully the weather wasn't too harsh during the drive.

During these next weeks, I look forward to continuing our check-ins regarding the following topics:
- Roadmap tracking and progress
- Culture action plan
- Testing plans
- TLE progress
- Classroom visits / Teacher coaching: Ratio

FYI -> Once we start to close out state testing, it is important to remember that SRI and SMI will be from May 2-17. There is some minor overlap with with OCCT / EOI online testing for grades 6-8. Now is the time to start to plan: how will we ensure ALL of our students are tested for both the state and district assessments AND do their best to show growth and reach beyond proficiency.

Friendly reminders:
- ACCESS ends April 1st - Laura and her team have been checking in with schools - great job everyone. Please reach out with any support needed.

- Human Capital Partners have reached out in order to schedule STAT conversation with the Principals. I will be working with HC to participate (when scheduling permits).

As always, I am humbled and honored to be your ILD and working alongside you to change the future our children, communities and city.

-Your ILD, Julio César Contreras

FYI: If you haven't had the opportunity to read our strategic plan: Click here to read Destination to Excellence

Women's History Month

Women’s History Month is a time to recognize all the girls and women who have impacted our world.

As I reflect on this, it is amazing to think about all of the contributions women have had in our world. A few names that come to mind are: Murasaki Shikibu, Grace Hooper, Bessie Coleman and Frances Perkins. Even today, I still continue to learn more about amazing women that have at times gone under the radar. To the left is an interesting cartoon I came across this weekend and hope you enjoy. (click here to download)

Additionally, take a moment to reflect on women you know of that have impacted you. I look forward to hearing about this during our site visits.


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Graduation Roadmap: Increase the graduation rate by 5 percentage points between the 2015 and 2016 graduation cohorts.

Before spring break, high school leaders received data for students that will need some type of summer school in order to graduation during the summer. Principals, please be sure to review this data with your leadership team. Getting granular with this data allows us to make intentional programming decisions for students.

Click here to see the Graduation Spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/UaOHPj

Reminder: PFL: Check in: Earlier this month, I shared that there were about 557 students missing PFL with approximately 44% of these students from our portfolio. As we meet these next weeks I look forward to learning what plans we will put in place to ensure our students get the needed classes/courses complete for graduation.
Click here to access the PFL spreadsheet that was shared last week
Please click on tab two and sort Column C to see student names for each school.

710: 136
715: 31
720: 51
Total: 245

High schools should click here to access the graduation progress spreadsheet

IEP Information

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Today you should have received an update from Cheryl Henry regarding IEPs that are outstanding (behind) and those are coming up for review. Please be sure to review this file with your leadership team and Special Education department to ensure timely follow up.

In addition, all IEPs should be entered into EdPlan by May 6. If you have any questions please let me know.


District Information

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Opportunity: Send a Tulsa student to the White House

FYI -Through our membership in the 9 city US2020 City Network , we once again have the opportunity to send a student to the White House – this time for the 2016 White House Science Fair (where the President is guaranteed to attend!).

By March 28th – we need to send US2020 our nominees to participate. Nominees should be students with a Science Fair project of note, and we send a brief description of the student and the project. [If the project was done in conjunction with a STEM program or initiative, please include a description of it as well].

This opportunity was presented to all 9 cities that are a part of the US2020 network, but I bet we have some Tulsa students who could take the spot!

Principal Meetings

Earlier today, Principals should have received four outlook invites from Michelle Ed. Additional information is coming; however, please plan to attend these meetings. The dates are as follows:
-April 5 – 2:00 - 4:30pm
-April 19 – 2:00 - 4:30pm
-May 3 – 2:00 - 4:30pm
-May 24 – 8:00am-4:30pm

May Portfolio Meeting - update

The May portfolio meeting will be joined with the May 24 meeting (referenced above). Kathleen will be removing the original invite hold for that date.

TFA Info Webinars

As a reminder, TFA webinars are scheduled to occur this week. Below is the information shared via the Leadership Memo on March 11.

9. Teach for America hiring process (action for principals as soon as possible)

From: Bonnie Lanoue, human capital partner
Owners: principals

In an effort to streamline our hiring process for TFA corps members, we have developed a more efficient approach for school leaders to select their 2016-2017 TFA teachers.

Our goal is to provide principals with opportunities to meet, interview, and select the best possible matches for their schools. Please read the hiring instructions, hiring process
and plan to attend one of two webinars on March 23 at 4 p.m or March 25th at 2 p.m. at this address: TFA PLACEMENT WEBINAR. Audio for the webinar can be reached by phone at 513-386-0000 with Access Code: 510976#.

Once recorded, we will also ensure the webinar is posted on Edivate so you can refer to the information at your convenience.

If you have any questions regarding hiring TFA teachers please contact Bonnie Lanoue lanoubo@tulsaschools.orgor phone 918-746-6558.

Important Dates

  • Mar 19: First day of Quarter 4
  • Mar 28-Apr8: High School Spring Retest Window
  • Mar 31: Testing meeting at Wilson Jr@9:00 am, Hs @1:00 pm

Star Student of the Week

Meet Patricia

This year she has demonstrated amazing resolve to academically perform. She currently has a 4.1 GPA and is ranked 1 in her class! Keep it up!

Q) Where do you want to attend college?
A) University of Tulsa
Q) How do you spend your free time?
A) I enjoy being in my math class
Q) What do you plan to do as a career?
A) To become a psychiatrist
Q) What is something you want to accomplish this year?
A) I am working to get straight As
Q) What is your favorite class?
A) Pre-Calculus

Conociedo a la Familia / Getting to know the Family

Meet Brian Stone

Q) Where did you work before coming to TPS?
A) Oakville, WA
Q) What is your favorite hobby?
A) Gardening
Q) What is your favorite movie?
A) Braveheart
Q) What was your favorite TV show growing up??
A) Star Trek
Q) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
A) Australia

Congrats to our Teacher of the Year Nominee: Ms. Vassella

Shout Out to Ms. Vassella from Hale High School for being selected as a TPS Teacher of the Year Finalist!
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