Stroke Survivors

Transient Ischemic Attacks

We are all able to be attacked!

The chance of having a stroke approximately doubles for each decade of life after the age of fifty-five, a lot of people under the age of 65 also have strokes. Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA) occurs when a blood clot blocks blood flow in the brain. This block however does have a chance to kill brain tissue.

Symptoms occur rapidly and last relatively short time. These are:

  • Sudden numbness
  • Confusion
  • Going Blind
  • Heacahes

If any of these occur follow this method below

F- Face drooping

A- Arm weakness

S- Speech difficulty

T- Time to call 911

How to prevent this attack!


Patients can find out if they have had and attack during a general physical and neurological examination.

  • MRA
  • MRI
  • CT Scanning
  • CTA Scanning
  • Physical examination and tests
  • Carotid Ultra sonography


  • Anti-platelent drug
  • surgery
  • Angioplasty balloon- a device to open a clogged artery and placing a small wire tube into the artery to keep open


Over 75% of patients survive first stroke during the first year.

Stroke Survivors

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