The Dominion of Canada in 2060

Demographic and national affair predictions

What are the current demographic condtions

Due to low fertility rate and strong immigration rate (one of the strongest in the world perhaps) Canada demography has drastically changed during the last century. From one census to the other we are seeing the increase of birth rate in people whose mother tongue is neither french or English. in other words our population is consisting more an more of immigrants. however this situation is not the same every where else in the country. Most urban areas such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are mostly new immigrants, while the rest of the great dominion stays quit untouched.

Here are some current stats

  • The Canadian census of 2011 had a total population count of 33,476,688 individuals, making up approximately 0.5% of the world's total population. Estimates have the population around 35 million as of December 2012.

  • According to OECD/World Bank, the population in Canada increased from 1990 to 2008 with 5.6 million and 20.4% growth in population, compared to 21.7% growth in the united states.

  • Urban population:
81% of total population
  • Life expectancy:

    • total population: 81.57 years
    • male: 78.98 years
    • female: 84.31 years
  • Median age

    • total: 40.6 years
    • male: 39.6 years
    • female: 41.5 years
  • Language used most often at work:
      • English: 78.3%
        • French: 21.7%
          • Non-official languages: 2%

        The future

        predicting canadas future isn't the hardest thing to do on the planet as Canada isn't most likely to have a very big trend her demographics. many things are bound and inevitably to happen no matter what. for example by 2060 Canada will still be relying on immigration to increase it population, or canadas natural increase rate will slowly to rise up as the baby boomers would've just all passed away. things like these are vey likely to happen

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        starting the past weak, canadas population is now naturally decreasing, meaning the birth rate is being out numbered by the death rate. although the natural decrease rate is only by a fraction of fraction of a percent, if this continues Canada's population might actually be around thirty million.In coming decades, the Canadian population will age more rapidly as

        boomers — those born in the two decades after world war II — reach the age of 65. By 2026, some 8 million Canadian , one person in every five, will be 65 years or older. By 2060, seniors may number 10 million, roughly 25 percent of the projected population.

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        By 2060, Canada’s population is expected to reach 40 million — give or take 5 million. Between now and then, population growth will have slowed due to continued low fertility levels. The population could level off at 35 million if the present low birthrate is not offset by a high rate of immigration.
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        Canada's most immigrant population will consist of south east Asian countries some African countries and a little from Latin American. according to statistics canada our population will still be desperately relying on immigration to increase our population fro a better economy. although canada does accept a fair amount of refugees per year, most immigrants are very high likely to be skilled and or very well educated

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        Aboriginal affairs

        Growing up we were all taught that aboriginals couldn't succeed without the expense of non native people and non native people couldn't succeed without the expense of native people. In other words both nations couldn't succeed at the same time. But this just couldn't be any more false. In the current world our interest are same. So its time that we gave our previous impressions on aboriginals and start thinking different.

        the future

        the future depends on our actions. it is up to us that we start forgetting the stereotypes that we here and were taught as kids. although most of the bad relationships are due to the stereotypes, aboriginals do however have there own mistake. For example a lot aboriginals aren't educated. in Canada there ant a lot of aboriginals with university degrees
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        my life in 2060

        how will my life be in 2060, huh it isn't very hard to predict obviously there would be a lot more technology according to the latest report , artificial will almost perfect by then there will be so many more types of gadgets, machines and robots. our lives will together be very different

        further more, life expectancy is expected to prolong another few years due to increasing medical advancement we have already noticed the life expectancy boom from the nineteenth to the twentieth. same is about to happen to the 3rd world countries during the next 45 years.

        the world could be a much more peaceful place. by 2060 all crisis such as isis, and the Syrian civil war is expected to have ended. now this doesn't mean that however there wont be any wars. after all the we hold the future through our actions

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        to sum up the demographics and the political changes in Canada wouldn't change drastically although some changes are expected to happen, such as the aboriginal affairs and etc, but Canada will still be relying on immigration to increase its population so after all the great dominion will still look almost the same as today
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