Eleventh plague

By Jeff Hirsch


Will you be a slave or will you make a stand and fight for your right to live. After Stephen Quinn's Grandpa died He and his dad are left to fight for their own lives. so they kept moving and found an airplane fuselage. They took shelter from the rain in it suddenly they heard clambering outside and some slavers came into the plane. Already drunk the slavers had no clue they were there. His dad tried to take them by surprise but it didn't work. Read to find out the rest of the Story!


If the book was well written what made it that way.

The book was very well written because it was a never ending adventure when you were sure that something bad would happen to him he some how managed to get out of it.

What did you enjoy about the book.

What I enjoyed most about the book was the fact that it was so action packed once i started reading it i couldn't stop. I never wanted to stop reading it.

Which characters play an important role to the overall theme.

Stephen because he is the main character. Jenny is the next most important Character because she and Stephen have a thing for each other through out the whole story.

Would you recommend this book.

Yes i would recommend this book because it is a very good book. it is similar to the end of the earth in a way because not many people survived the Eleventh Plague.