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We can no longer call Catherine of Aragon Queen of England.

His Majesty the King has divorced Catherine of Aragon for the younger and more attractive Anne Boleyn. It is said that they are soon to have a child. But Catherine was popular among most of the English population - how will the public take this divorce?

There are several reasons why Henry wanted a divorce from Catherine and why he set up his own church:

The country needs male heir to be king to secure the throne when Henry is gone. If there is no male heir then it is possible that anarchists will attempt to steal the throne and the country will be thrown into turmoil. Catherine of Aragon is too old to have children now, and it is not surprising that no sons survived as the King's previous marriage went against God's Law.

The Roman Catholic church and the Pope are extremely wealthy. Our intelligent King has realised that if he starts his own church, he will gain much money and power. This will make England more powerful and dominant over other countries in Europe.

There are rumours of groups of anti-Catholics breaking out over Europe. Henry has realised that he can prevent riots by changing his own church system to appeal more to these anti-Catholics. These people are known as 'Protestants'.

It is most probable that Anne Boleyn and His Majesty will have a son together,

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