should euthanasia be legal? blair wright

back story euthanasia

~euthanasia existed beyond the 1st century B.C

~once christainity and other religions came into view people no longer agreed with euthanasia and aposed to it, making one extend there death sometimes painfully.

~in the 12th and 15th century people started think euthanasia was wrong forbidding it from a lot of countrys,kingdoms, and states.

~around 2006 is when most euthanasia was then turn back into request for the dying and termanly ill patient .however around 2006 you could only ask for euthanasia if you were 18+ and termanly ill.(not in many countys or states even allowed that so pretty much still banned)

~euthanasia is now more commen among counties and some states including around 5 states in the us, and 1 province in canada using gas,injection,ect...

pro for euthanasia

~living wills help a people who are comatos or in a "vegetative" state to chose if they want to be kept on machiens or to die, depending on there will they left.euthanasia with help those who wish to die in a vegtative state, or coma.

~there are some who say it is aginst the Hippocratic Oath(an oath which every doctor takes stating thing he must and must not do).such as doctors could not be woman, or doctors must not break skin.which clearly got changed because the time peird for that was over so whos to say that doctos must not do it.theres also one that states they cannot do harm to the patients, well making them live and suffer knowing when they are going to die and how painful it's going to be cause harm for them.

~when one is in a state were they will die, but the death will be horribly and painful delayed.should'nt we have the right to die and chose that.if you look down to the picture of a girl and a puppy below.that is Brittany Maynard she chose euthanasia, because she had a termanly ill brain tumer that was going to make her lose control, over her thoughts and actions,then kill her.she moved to a state were euthanasia was legel and died after her husbands birthday.

~the literal meaning of euthanasia is good death and/or painless death.another meaning is from greek which is mercy kill, for whom has a termanly ill.

~they had a few polls which sayed that 54% want euthanasia to be legal , however 46% disagree.there was another vote that sayed 58% of people think we can't make a safe system to have for euthanasia.

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con/dangers of euthanasia

~with the cost of health care going up every so often.the people who are disabled ,in a nursing home ,elders , and people in hafeway houses would be at the most danger, because it take much more money to care for them then a suiside injection would cost much less.

~theres also the possiblity that the goverment woudl simply euthanise instead of spending money on the people.the suiside injections only cost around $40.when treatment for many goes in the thousands.so would the goverment give the treatment death to people who could end up surviving?

~christains think that euthanasia is forbidden by there rules seen in Jn. 15:14.summing it up one cannot kill himself or another(considered murder in the bible).another part is saying that if you do so you reject god.

~the Hippocratic Oath also states that you cannot kill your patient or bring harm to him/her.(the Hippocratic Oath is an oath all doctors make staing rules )

~another good thing about the laws on euthanasia are suppose to purvent abuse from the system that euthanasia would have.


final thoughts on euthanasia

personly i think that euthanasia should be legal, because it helps end the pain and suffering from comas,vegatative state, and termanly ill patients.there is a huge possiblity thought that euthanasia could turn up being miss used.having some people queston why we need consent for euthanising a person, making some to belive this is free murder.also for the religion part of it well you can belive what ever you want to, but when it comes down to it the right euthanasia help many be put to rest who are suffuring horribly.
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