The Self-Remembered Woman Presents

Soul Stirring, A Women's Circle With Jacquie Donahue

Soul Stirring, A Women's Circle

Soul Stirring is a FREE 2 hour preview of Jacquie Donahue's "The Self-Remembered Woman", specifically designed to support women as they explore, engage and bring their wisdom and spirituality into their lives and the world in a safe and sacred space. A Women's Circle opened with conscious and spiritual intent serves to ground, center and draw each individual and the group inward toward their spiritual core. An open circle is a living space in which oral transmission of knowledge and shared experiences binds the group together to discover, celebrate and acknowledge all parts of the whole as essential, valuable and necessary. Like an open heart, a Women's Circle is a sanctuary for the sacred feminine to enter and become known.The practice of being in Circle draws up Wisdom, draws down Spirit and draws out the Authentic Self.

If You Are...

  • In need of simple techniques to naturally replenish your energy and reconnect with yourself and others of like heart and mind?

  • Desiring to connect with and share your own source of inspiration, intuition, creativity, wisdom and authenticity?

  • Wanting to embrace change or re-imagine your life beyond your current roles, expectations and identities?

  • Longing to experience inner-directed focus and relationships with other women that support the evolution of the wise, soulful woman in you?

Then This Soul Stirring Women's Circle Is For You. Soul Stirring Is A Means Of:

  • Taking a time-out to replenish and reconnect with yourself; spirit and soul

  • Finding your inner bearings and becoming familiar with the nature of your own spiritual reality

  • Sharing sacred space and authentic communication

  • Receiving insight and taking action

  • Coming to know and experience the reality of the sacred feminine in the world today

  • Sampling Jacquie Donahue's "The Self-Remembered Woman" series of Soul Stirring gatherings, courses and retreats.

Soul Stirring, A Women's Circle

Monday, June 1st, 7-9pm

61240 Skyline Ranch Road

Bend, OR

"The Self-Remembered Woman" Catalogue of Courses & Retreats

About Me, Jacquie Donahue

I am a Self-Remembered Woman. For more than 25 years I have engaged myself in the inner-directed practice and work of remembering who I Am. I began as a student of yoga and meditation, read hundreds of books and sacred texts, studied and mentored with of some of the greatest spiritual teachers, coaches, energy healers and intuitives of our day including Barbara Marx Hubbard, Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford, Jim, MacKimmie, Renate Moore and Dr. Jenn Royster. The classes, courses and workshops I participated in, the books I read and the mentors I turned to for guidance were all orientation points

Taught me to trust in my ability to live my path, my way and know that I can share/teach others to reclaim their own Soul/Spirit Mastery.

with have healed and released old wounds and reclaimed my own power, essence and scattered parts. I am committed to the art of remaining true to my Self during times of challenge, change and struggle. I have witnessed my own re-birth after cancer and mid-life, and have born witness to the re-birth and transformation of countless other women with whom I have worked and shared sacred space. The wisdom and Soul Stirring practices I share are the tools and awareness raising techniques I use for myself.

My work is not self-help, it is Soul-stirring activation, a model to bring women's wisdom and spirituality to bloom in the world. As women we naturally discover and remember ourselves as we engage in heart-to-heart sharing, communion and relationship; the essential elements that rouse our own inner nature and awaken the desire to call forth and live-out more of the truth of who we are.

I hope you will join me in remembering and expressing the truth of Who You Are,

Jacquie Donahue, Self-Remembered Woman