To Kill a Mockingbird and real life scenarios

Definition of Intolerance:

noun- lack of toleration; unwillingness or refusal to tolerate or respect contrary opinions or beliefs, persons of different races or backgrounds, etc. (

Question #1: What is a strong community?

Modern Day:

- A group of people who work well together and help each other out.

- People who have the same interests.

- Have a good government and economy.

- Strong army and good connections with other countries.

- Amount of money.

- When people can agree on things without conflict.

To Kill a Mockingbird:

- Maycomb is a semi-strong community.

- Ewell's make conflict in the town.

- People aren't accepting of the blacks and Boo Radley.

Question #2: Who are they excluding/including?

Modern Day:


- People who are different in any way

- People who have a different sexual orientation

- Blacks (African American)

- Muslims

- The disabled


- People who are the same as us

To Kill a Mockingbird:


- Tom Robinson

- Blacks

- Boo Radley

- Atticus


- Whites

- Richer people

Question #3: Why would they exclude anyone?

Modern Day:

- To feel better about themselves

- To feel like they have power

- To make others feel weak

To Kill a Mockingbird:

- They thought blacks were Inferior

- Because they were different

- It wasn't normal to included these kinds of people

- It's how they were brought up

How does the author use specific characters, events, etc. to portray this message?

Tom Robinson and the Trial:


- Was excluded

- Charged for a crime he didn't commit

- Died because of the Jury's refusal to give a black man equal treatment


- Tom had no chance of winning because he was black

- Everyone knew Tom would be found guilty before the trial started

- The jurty knew Tom was innocent


- Was excluded for treating blacks equally

- Mrs. Dubose did not like him at all

- Atticus tolerated Mrs. Dubose, but was treated poorly in return

- Atticus was the doing the right thing