Genghis Khan

Mongol Hero Vs Demonic Barbarian

Change Over Time

Genghis Khan first used fur for clothing such as hats and coats, for keeping warm in the harsh winters. Today people in Kazakhstan still use fur for clothing in the colder seasons. Genghis Khan also used camel meat and then prepared it in the yurt. This is still a tradition now. Genghis Khan introduced a weapon called the reflex bow. He also started a battle strategy, witch was shooting while retreating. This is still used in Mongolia.

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The people who were part of Genghis Khan's Empire traded goods to other countries by a mail system called The Pony Express. Persia didn't want to trade anymore so they chopped of the head of one of Genghis Khan's ambassadors and sent it back. After they did this Genghis Khan conquered Persia.

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Did tech and science have an impact on GK’s Empire?

When Genghis Khan and his empire invaded China, they used gunpowder to fight back. Genghis Khan then got some people from china to show him how it is made and used. Genghis Khan also when he invaded Jamuka each one of his men in the tribe light 5 fires so it would look like he had lots of worriers so his tribe would be frightened. Also one thing that helped Genghis Khan conquer so much land is his battle strategies. Most tribes just picked up there weapons and went out to fight but Genghis Khan had a strategy that worked.

Photo Credit - flickr photo by Srineet shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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A Leader Who Excepts

Genghis Khans tribe excepted religious diversity. He didn't mind what god you believed in. He also believed in worth not birth. This means that he choses his warriors not by how closely related thy are to him but what they can do and what thy are worth. This is what got Temujin and Jamuka (his blood brother) to fight. Jamuka wanted to pick his warriors by relatives, but Genghis Khan didn't.