September 2017

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Back to School Night-Wednesday, Sept. 20

End of the Grading Period- Friday, September 22

Picture Day- Monday, September 25

San Antonio High School Writer's Workshop

Welcome to the first Fall 2017 edition of the Phoenix Flyer. This newsletter is written and edited by the students in the Writer's Workshop class.

Natural Disasters Cause Devastation

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A house near Corpus Christi, TX. Photo credit: Ken Hodge

By Faith Thalacker

During the past few weeks North America has experienced multiple natural disasters causing devastation and impacting the lives of thousands. There have been two hurricanes, a massive earthquake, and many wildfires.

The disasters started with Hurricane Harvey in South-Eastern Texas, the largest hurricane recorded in the United States with 27 trillion gallons of rain-water compared to Hurricane Katrina with 6.5 trillion. Hurricane Harvey hit with 130 mph wind and over four feet of water, causing over 7 billion dollars in damage and 71 lost lives. (

At the same time, wildfires have broken out across the West Coast. Burning over hundreds of kilometers forcing 1,000s to evacuate. A neighborhood in Burbank sadly had 1,400 homes burned.

September 7th there was an 8.1 earthquake in Mexico with 800 aftershocks. Many schools and one-third of the homes were ruined. The fatality number has risen to over 90. (

Hurricane Irma was a category four that went through Cuba, the Bahamas, Haiti, eventually hitting Florida. The wind was 110 mph and Irma caused a power outage. There was over two million dollars in damage.

There are many people who have reached out and are helping all those affected. Although students may not be able to be there to help they can donate at the links below:


Mexico Earthquake:

SAHS Back to School Night

by Kristine Booncharoen

On September 20th at 6pm, San Antonio High School will hold a Back To School Night for parents and guardians to meet teachers and see classrooms. There will be a short assembly to introduce teachers and staff. Students can earn up to half a credit if both they and their guardian attend, or .25 if only one or the other attend. There will be coffee and cookies served.

New Community Service Requirement for Seniors

by Jordan Stoeckle

All Seniors at San Antonio High School are now required to complete 10 hours of community service by the end of the year (5 per class) to pass Government and Economics classes.

Starting this year seniors are required to do community service to expose teens to diversity, multiculturalism, a variety of careers and to develop an increased sense of social responsibility. Students must fill out the verification form upon completing community service.

Michael Cruz is the first senior to complete his community service requirement.

Solar Eclipse Fail

By Ayana Penders

On August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse was to be seen in the sky in Sonoma County. Petaluma citizens who were in school or at work stepped outside to see such a view because that day was to be a total solar eclipse. Eclipses don’t come often except every 7 years and this day was another historical day to view an one. However, there was a problem in the sky with clouds. The morning fog and clouds were not cleared from the sky and not many could see the eclipse.

These are some San Antonio High School students and staff responses. “I was upset that I couldn’t see the eclipse. All the pictures from online made me think ‘Did the eclipse really look like that?” Mary Cobleigh explained.

The eclipse was not as exciting as some hoped. Clara Silva said, “I was really excited, and I really wanted to see the eclipse, but I was really sad we didn't get to see it. Lastly, I am just angry at the clouds for blocking the view.”

Alberto Gonzalez said “It was boring and there was nothing to see. Over anti-climatic. I high- key wanted to see without the shades or eclipse ‘glasses’.”

This also caused disappointment among some of the SAHS staff members. Mrs. McGarry, an English teacher, said “I was disappointed. I dropped my ten year old and eight year old off at school and they couldn’t see it.”

Mrs. Morilla Expecting

By Clara Silva

Mrs. Morilla is expecting a baby. She is currently in her second trimester and very happy, practically glowing. When asked how she was feeling about becoming a mother, she said that she is very excited and looking forward to a mini-her or a mini-Nick, her husband, running around.

She said she is feeling very lucky; she has had no morning sickness yet and so far she is feeling good in her pregnancy. She said that she and her husband were waiting to know the gender of the baby to start thinking up names, but she does have a short list.

Since her and her husband own a house and have good jobs between the two of them, they decided they wanted to start their family now. She said she is excited to meet her baby and ready to learn the things that come along with being a parent. She said she was glad she didn't get to decide the gender of her baby. Her expected due date is the first week of March.

9/11 Pledges

by Kristine Booncharoen

An organization called MyGoodDeed has begun to honor 9/11 by turning it into a day of service. On 9/11 students in Mrs. McGarry's English classes anonymously pledged something they will do to make the world a better place. Here are a few of the pledges:

“I will thank my mom/boyfriend for helping me with my daughter.”

“I will NOT take things for granted.”

“I will help my mom with making food this week.”

“I will buy my dad lunch.”

“I will thank my mom for taking care of me all these years.”

“I will thank all the firefighters and officers for their service and help clean my community.”

“Today on 9/11, I will thank everyone that makes my life special and better.”

“I will clean my house.”

“I will be nice to people.”

“I will thank my mom each and everyday for being a blessing in my life.”

For more information see:

Carroll Moves to PJHS

by Alberto Gonzalez

Mr. Carroll moved to Petaluma Junior High School to teach 8th grade history during summer due to budget cuts. Carroll has mixed feelings about the new gig. He loved the four years at San Antonio High School, growing with the teachers and students. PJHS gives a new light to Carroll and his teaching.

Carroll said “The biggest difference are the kids. They’re not high school kids and there’s a bunch of them. Middle school kids are not nearly as scary as I remember them being.” Carroll stated that he tried to maintain his standards, but he had to adjust to a younger group of learners. He speaks to them differently than the kids here at SAHS.

Jonathan Guzman a student at SAHS said, “Carroll? He was a cool guy, he could be funny at times and sometimes he can be hard on students. He was always willing to help someone when they needed it.” Faith Thalacker stated, “ He was a funny teacher, but pushed you. I didn’t care about the whole phone policy where he would take your phone away for whole day if we took it out.”

Kristine Booncharoen said, “Um, I think that he was a good teacher, and I would always try my hardest but he would end up giving me a D. I wish he would pick the partners because I got paired up this one time, and my partner told me he would just take the F and that annoyed me.” Daniel Cortez thoughts on Carroll were “He was ‘ight, he was cool and chill, I didn't like the way he didn't let us listen to music. That helps us focus on the work he gave out. His music was bad. He gave out homework.” Carroll mentored many students at SAHS and they appreciate everything he did.

Suicide Prevention Month

Did you know that September is Suicide Prevention Month? Suicide is preventable: for every person who takes their life, another 278 people have thought seriously about suicide and don’t make an attempt, and nearly 60 who have survived a suicide attempt. If you are the parent or friend of a teen who may be feeling suicidal, or you are feeling suicidal yourself, there is help! In addition to a wealth of websites with resources on how to ask for help or help someone you care about, there are counselors on staff ready to meet students’ needs, including issues around suicide. Reach out! We’re here to help. Or go visit:,, or

Your San Antonio mental health counselors:

Nikki Jackson, MFT and Valerie Cartwright, MFTi

Picture Day Coming

By Mary Cobleigh

San Antonio High School students and staff are preparing to get their pictures taken by Lifetouch on September 25th. The picture will be used for the yearbook and ID card. If students buy a set of pictures, the ID card will be free, if not the ID card is $2.

“Remember to dress according to the dress code or you won't be able to get your picture taken,” Ms.Lofton said. It will occur first thing in the morning and students will be called by their last name, and first letter. All students and staff seem overall very open about it.

Some staff find picture day fun and don’t really feel the need to dress up. Mrs. Burroughs said, “I can’t wait to see how the student body will prepare to get ready to get their picture taken. I also like to dress more casual.” Ms. Jackson stated, “It’s just another day, so I don’t dress up. I told my kids that they didn’t have to dress up.”

Since the staff had some of the same responses, students might have a different approach. Jared Stokely added, ¨Well, a picture is just a snapshot of a person's’ life, just an instant in their day. Why put on a fake persona that day?¨ and Ayana Penders offered, ¨Another moment to look back at yourself and think, “Man, who's this unsightly person? Oh it´s me. NO just kidding, haha. A captured moment of time is what I think of picture day.¨