Catholic Church Problem

By: Ryan Goodlet

Martin Luther

Today, King Luther wanted us(Christians) to force our pope out of the church because our pope didn't believe in Luther.King Luther said that all people with faith are equal and people could win salvation only by faith in God's gift of forgiveness also all church teaching shoukd be clearly based on the words of the bible and we saw that as a way to challenge Church control.

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Fixing the problem

This year Martin Luther was threaten by pope Leo X with excommunication unless he took back what he said but Martin Luther didn't and he had a gathered around a bonfire and wecherred while he threw the pope decree in the flames and after that Martin Luther was excommuncation. After that Martin Luther could receive food or shelter but Prince Frederick disobeyed and sheltered him and Luther translated the New Testament into German.When he returned him and his group separated from the Catholic Church and became the Lutherans.