A Dawn and Dusk production.

By Shay and Maddie

Voice actors

We need voice actors for our upcoming series Dawn and Dusk production, this is for warriors fans! We have four main characters. Dawn, Dusk, Dodge, and Sparrow. You will need a mic. Record your voice saying this.

Dodge: what do we do know?!

Sparrow: hmmm... Those cats sound friendly then these cats, let's go.

And sorry, Dawn and Dusk have already found people to voice act. BUT there's a need of all the other warriors in the clans, Firestar, sandstorm, Bramblepaw, Tallstar, Blackfoot, ect.

Thanks and here's mah email

Email: Mvanhove19@wsr.k12.ia.us

All these pic belong to cascadingserenity, find her in devinart!