Green Lantern

Little Known Facts and Origins

The Emotional Spectrum

The GL Universe consists of one Emotional Spectrum. Green (Willpower), Red (Rage), Yellow (Fear), Indigo (Compassion), Pink (Love), Blue (Hope), and Orange (Greed). There are also two legends, Blackest Night and Brightest Day. Blackest Night involves William Hand, a boy obsessed with Dead Bodies, being turned into an undead leader called The Black Hand. He sent out Black Lantern Rings and took over have the DC universe, creating an army of Undead Superheroes. Therefore, Black is Death. Brightest Day is when the New Guardians (A Warrior from each color) rise up and discover there powers can be combined, creating White (Life). Before that, a Green Lantern called Ion suffered all of the rings choosing him at once, driving him a bit insane. It is usually impossible to wield more than one of the rings.
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The Entities

Each color has it's own Entity. Here are there names and titles:

The Butcher - The Entity of Rage, is a giant Red Bull.

Ophidian - The Tempter, is a giant Orange Snake.

Parallax - Entity Of Fear, he is known to take over people as Vessels. He has used Hal Jordan, the main Green Lantern, multiple times. He appears as a giant monster.

Ion - Embodiment of WillPower, he is the Entity of the Green Lantern Corps. He looks like a giant green alien whale.

Adara - Hope Entity, is a giant Blue Falcon.

Proselyte - Entity of Compassion, is a giant purple Octopus thing.

Predator - Body Of Love, is a giant pink velociraptor/or if you have seen Alien vs. Predator, it is a mixture of both.

Nekron - The Ruler of Death and destruction, is a giant grim reaper/ zombie.

The Entity - The Embodiment of all life in the universe, is like a giant, glowing white alien angel.

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The Guardians

The green lanterns are home to the Guardians of the Universe, the high order of all of the emotional spectrum.
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The Lanterns Homeplanets

Each lantern corps has a unique home planet. Here are the known ones:

Oa - Green Lanterns

Ysmault - Red Lantern Corps

Qward - Yellow Lanterns

Nok - Indigo Lanterns

Odym - Blue Lanterns

Zamaron - Star Sapphires

Xanshi - Black Lanterns

Okaara - Orange Lanterns

The White Lanterns Planet is well, they don't have one. They guard the universe.

Mogo - Mogo is a living planet that is literally a green lantern. Cool right?

Blackest Night

The Black Hand, AKA William Hand, leader of the black lanterns, awakens Nekron, the Entity of Death, AKA the Grim Reaper, and summons millions of black lanterns to take over the living and the dead. Soon almost everyone in the DC universe is an Undead Black Lantern! Eventually, The New Guardians form, Consisting of Ganthet as Green, Wonder Woman as Pink, Scarecrow as Yellow, Lex Luthor as Orange, Flash as Blue, Mira as Red, and The Atom as Indigo! From the defeat of Nekron, the Entity is formed, and things go back to normal, for awhile...


With everyone back to normal but alive, the heroes deal with all the villains running free and helping people cope with Blackest Night. Deadman, a ghost who can only be seen by Batman, becomes a White Lantern, as well as Ion, and soon the whole DC universe becomes white lanterns, the guardians of life.
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The New 52

Eventually, DC comics got tired of everyone being a White Lantern, so they reset the whole universe, bringing on the Age of the New 52, named for 52 new origin stories.