Family Prayer Rotation

St. Mary's High School

A Message from St. Mary's

Hello St. Mary’s Families!

I am excited to serve St. Mary’s as the new Associate Director of Advancement. There is much we can do to advance our school and I look forward to helping forge the way-ahead. There will undoubtedly be some bumpy times, but hopefully the bumps will be dwarfed by many more joys and successes as we build the foundation for St. Mary’s for at least the next 130 years! I have already started reaching out to parishes and our supporters to bolster our relationships with the greater community and several other practical endeavors are in the works.

While there is much to do, we must also recognize we will not succeed without God’s grace and guidance. To anchor our efforts in Christ as we advance our school, you are invited to join us in the Family Prayer Rotation where families take turns praying specifically for the Holy Spirit to guide the St. Mary’s community as we seek to fulfill our God-given purpose in our city and world.

What is the Family Prayer Rotation?

Families will sign-up to pray our ‘Prayer for St. Mary’s High School’ together as a family each day for a one-week period. The prayer is on the St. Mary’s website under the ‘Quick Links” tab at the top of the page. We would also like families to offer some sort of prayerful fast during the week. The fast should be a prayerful sacrifice appropriate to the family. Examples might be giving up TV or video games for a day (or the week) or giving up dessert for a period of time. Ask your family what type of collective sacrifice you can make together on behalf of the St. Mary’s community. Tremendous spiritual growth happens when we unite our sacrifices, however large or small, with the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross. To help remind us of Christ’s love for us, families will host a crucifix that has been blessed by Pope Francis in their home during their prayer week. Details are on the sign-up website (see next paragraph).

What do we do next?

Click Here and sign up for a week for your family to focus your prayers for St. Mary’s. Prayer families will be announced in the Pirate E-Blast and I will send reminders to families as your week approaches. Multiple families may sign-up for a particular week, but we want to make sure we have at least 1 family for every week during the year.

Thank you in advance for your efforts to pray for the advancement of St. Mary’s High School! Please email me with any questions or comments .


Joe Trechter

Associate Director of Advancement

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