Einstein Discover and Play Piano

Bright Minds Daycare

What It Does

The Einstein Discover and Play Piano helps your child develop music, counting, and nature skills. It has three different modes. In the numbers mode, when a baby presses a key, it hears the number in either English, Spanish, or French. In instruments mode, when a baby touches a key, a horn, violin, or drum sound gets made. The last mode, animal discovery mode, when the baby touches a key, a dog, cat, or duck sound gets made. The buttons flash and light up when touched and it includes more then 20 melodies. It requires batteries.

Why I Should Put It In My Daycare

It teaches babies about music, animals, and how to count, it would keep the baby interested, and it's a fun way to learn. It also is child safe and the batteries screw in at the bottom so there is no way for the child to get to them. It also is only $20 so I could buy a couple and only spend under $100.