Trevian Kutti

luxury fashion as a consultant to luxury designers

Trevian Kutti "Many retail experts praise her bold efforts to stand out". - Sunday, New York Times

Once described by The New York Times as “she is the brand that is wiling to defy”, Trevian Kutti is a fashion force to be reckoned with. Trevian has spent over 15 years in luxury fashion as a consultant to luxury designers and her expertise in merchandise, marketing and personal service have gained her an international rolodex in fashion, media, entertainment and society. From 1997-2011, Kutti was co-owner of G’bani, Chicago’s renowned luxury independent boutique that grew to over $2 million dollars in annual sales. In addition, she is recognized worldwide for retail marketing genius due to her riveting fashion marketing campaigns. Kutti spent 12 years working abroad and speaks fluent German and Italian. She has also run 18 marathons globally.
Recently, Kutti stepped into the fashion technology sector. She is also the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at RE/LABLD. The world’s premier luxury e-commerce marketplace.