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Detective fiction published by Shapero rare books

If you are one of those book lovers interested in reading detective fiction genre, there are many options to choose from. You can work and think like a detective to solve a criminal case when reading such books. The readers are given various clues, and all of it is combined to conclude who the real murderer is. You can match your result with the actual ending of the novel and find out how accurate your assumption is. The Shapero rare books are dealing with detective fiction genre most appropriately. Here is a collection of Shapero and First edition books, and you can place an order for one of them now.

The red house mystery

Milne A.A has written the red house mystery, and the book features an excellent story that all the readers will enjoy a lot. The characters are relatable, and it will hold the reader until the end. The dialogues are brilliant, and he has even drawn some beautiful scenes from the nightlife of his twenties. The murder mystery is intriguing, and you won't know who the real killer is until the ending. When you know what the ending is, the plot will seem simple, where Mark has been shown as the owner of the Red house. He has killed his brother and goes missing after that. Every person has their own taste but this book will be loved by most of the readers.

The spy who loved me

Fleming Ian writes the spy who loved me, and you will find a striking artwork by him. It is the ninth novel from the James bond series and has been going strong since the inception. The book revolves around the character of James bond, and he unites with a sexy Russian agent Anya and both of them deal with a murder mystery. The readers will enjoy this book for sure, so don't forget to give it a try. It is coming out at affordable rates so you can book an order now.

One, Two, Buckle my shoe

One, two, buckle my shoe is written by Christie Agatha, and it is full of mystery from start to finish. The plot of the book is entertaining as it revolves around a dentist who is found dead. The intriguing part is that at the same time, his patient also dies deepening the mystery even more. It is perhaps the case of a murder or a suicide revealed by the end of the book. As a reader, you will like to know what has happened, and it wouldn't be surprising if you finish the book within a few days.

The body in the blue room

There is no doubt that all these books have their element of secrets, mystery, and surprising elements. The body in the blue room is no exception, and Williams Sidney has beautifully written it. It is a classic example of golden age detective fiction and stories. There is a locked room, and a lot of mystery surrounds it, and every bit as exciting. You won't find a single boring chapter in the book, and even the subplots are quite innovative.

Mrs. Raffles

John Kendrick writes Mrs. Raffles, and you will be surprised to read all the adventures of Henriette. She is the old lady's love of the gentleman thief and partners up with Bunny as a murder happened. They have to investigate the crime scene as the death of Raffle is a big blow for them. The author has tried to involve some humor in the severe plot, but in the end, the reader's interest will lie within the murder and happenings around them. There is no chance that the reader can lose interest while reading the book. Once you start reading, you will be hooked into it fully.

Devil in a blue dress

Mosley, Walter wrote Devil in a blue dress, and the title has been taken from one of the most acclaimed series. The script has been derived from the famous film starring everyone's favorite actor Denzel Washington, Tom, and Jennifer Beals. The author himself has signed the title page of the book, so this is another treat for all the lovely readers.

The mystery of the blue train

Agatha Christie writes the mystery of the blue train, and it is one of the most popular novels of all time. People have loved it and given good feedback for the same. The story revolves around Grey and Ruth, and they both meet each other, leaving their unhappy marriages behind. Katherine has her first winter out of England, and the story involving this character is also quite entertaining. She receives a huge inheritance from her family, and the story has a lot of mysteries to offer. If you like detective novels, this is the one for you, so don't forget to check it out.