Scarface Al'

Marybelle Morton

Capone's Early Life

Al' Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in New York City, New York. He was expelled at age 14 because he hit a female teacher.

Capone's Crimes

One of Al' Capone's most popular crimes was the St.Valentine's Day Massacre which was on Feb. 14, 1929 were he set up a big murder of his workers because he felt they were backstabbing him. The reason he was put in prison was not because of his murders but because of tax evasion on Mar. 31, 1931. In 1924 he owed $32,488.81 and was arrested on 22 counts of tax evasion.

Prison for Capone

Capone was arrested and moved into a state prison in Atlanta.

In 1932 Al' moved to Alcatraz because he was bribing guards. When he moved to Alcatraz he became inmate 35. While he was there he got his sentence reduced to 6 and a half years because of good behavior.

His Final Days

Capone was diagnosed with Syphilis when he was in Atlanta and that's what lead to his stroke which got him out of Alcatraz. When he was out of Alcatraz he had a heart attack which killed him on Jan. 25, 1947.
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