Our Source of Energy

Jehanne Pilgrim

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Allow me to introduce you to the Sun

The Sun is the largest object in our solar system. It is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium. Our Sun has several layers which allow it to provide our solar system with light.

Layers of the Sun

Inner Layers

  • Core: This is the innermost part of the Sun. This is where the Sun's energy originates by means of nuclear fusion. The core's temperature is 28 million degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Radiative Zone: In this layer, the light of the core travels towards the outer layer.
  • Convective Zone: This layer converts light from the core into heat.

Outer Layers

  • Photoshpere: The Sun's surface which is almost covered by granulation.
  • Chromosphere: This layers appears as a red glow around the Sun and is almost transparent.
  • Corona: This is outermost layer of gases. It cannot be seen by the naked, except during a solar eclipse.


A natural electrical phenomenon of fluorescent lights in the sky. They happen as a result of Earth's electrical connection to the sun.