through ours eyes

news leter for student by student

year book is cheap in september !!!

Guess what the year book is cheap this september, it is only $27, you can get the yearbook on glenridge website or you can go to room 624 and ask ms.Hannon for the form to get a yearbook.

YMCA after school

YMCA the after school program for free

YMCA is the after school program, you can sign up in the library, you can ask Ms.Cook, there are club for you to attend they have homework club, computer club, even cookig club where you can cook and eat what you cook. Click this link below to see the flyer.

the renaissance

renaissance is something that you get if you got A's and B's or C, but you can't ahve D's also you can't have more than 4 or more tardy's.
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