Journal 2

Mbongo Valery

My regret

I knew I should have done my AP psychology homework. I know the consequences for

not handing in assignments. If you don’t turn in your assignments, you will not fully

understand the subject because you didn’t revise the material and you will also receive a

‘zero’ for the assignment. I was fully aware of everything that would happen, but I still

chose not to bother with the homework. One thing I didn’t expect was to receive a failing

grade for the marking period. I was really shocked. I always believed that, if you pay

attention in class, hand in classwork and were a good student overall, you might not get

an ‘A’ but will receive a passing grade. I never saw homework as a necessity. But because

of psychology I know better now. Homework really does count if you want to achieve

academic success. There is no excuse for my behavior but the reason I neglected to my

homework was primarily because of how tired I always was. When I came home from a

full day at school, I headed directly to work and by the time I got home I was completely

spent. I should have had better time management skills. Another reason was because of

how easily distracted I got. When my phone would ring or buzz, I would always check to

see who called or texted me. I would carry a conversation with them and check all my

social networking sites, by the time I was done a few hours had passed and I was

exhausted, so I went to sleep without doing my work. I should have prioritized my

homework but it took me failing a marking period to understand that. I am thankful for

the lesson and I will do better in the future.