Weekly Jaguar Update

Somethings to Keep in Mind...


The children will celebrate Valentine's Day during Success tomorrow.

Also NO school on Monday!

E/LA: Next week in ELA, we are moving into the persuasive argument and persuasive writing portion of our Social Justice Issue unit. Please look for the writing rubric to go home on Tuesday. The final copy of the paper will be due on Monday, February 24 and will count as a test grade. The students will have Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to work on them in class. As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Science: Next week we will be reviewing Tuesday and Wednesday, and taking the Geology Test on Thursday and Friday.

Social Studies: Next week we will wrap up our studies of Ancient Rome. We will be creating a Roman Comedy mask. On Wednesday students will take an open book/notes test over Ancient Greece and Rome. Later we will be learning about Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, as well as the Industrial and Russian Revolutions.

Math: To all parents - Please accept my apologies for my miscommunication of daily topics for last week. The math team made some changes to the calendar that resulted in the curriculum shifting.

Advanced Math

We have a review on Tuesday 2-18 and a TEST on Wednesday 2-19. We will then move into measuring angles with a protractor and learning about complementary and supplementary angles.

Regular Math

Tuesday we will review time and temperature, Wednesday is a review and a TEST on Thursday 2-20. Friday we will start the geometry unit.

Reminder - Monday Feb 17 is a student holiday.