Principal's Pad (10/31/21)

Updates for the St. Stan's Community

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  • Gentle Reminders
  • Restorative Justice at School & Home
  • FSP Lunch Menu & Sign-up
  • Home-Learning Hub

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  • Upcoming Events
  • Extended Day Sign-up & Athletics

Gentle Reminders

All Saints' Day Mass

Tomorrow (Monday, November 1) is All Saints' Day. We will be celebrating Mass at the Church and our 1st Grade students will be dressing up as their favorite Saint. They will share with us what they have learned through their research in religion class. All other students are expected to be in their formal Mass uniform on Monday.

Morning Drop-off (revisited)

This past week was unique at St. Stan's with our Red Ribbon themes and with both parents and students bringing in food, costumes, projects, etc. throughout the week. With the addition of the rainy/windy weather on top of all of that, I understand why this led to some hurried and frantic drop-offs in the morning. Since things should calm down a little this week, I just want to remind everyone of some precautions to take when letting your child(ren) out of the car in the morning:

If you need to get out of your vehicle to assist your child, please do the following:

  • Make sure that you park in a parking space or along the curb in the circle drive
  • Pull as far as possible around the circle drive so as to not block the entry
  • Turn on hazard lights

If your children can exit the vehicle on their own, please do the following:

  • Pull as far as possible around the circle drive and pull to the curb if possible before stopping to let them out
  • Remind your children to look before exiting the vehicle and crossing to the circle drive

I ask that parents and students try as much as possible to avoid crossing the circle drive itself. Whenever you are able, please get to your class line by walking on the outer portion of the driveway.

Restorative Justice at School

Parents & Guardians who attended our "Meet the Teacher Night" in the beginning of September may recall that I spoke to a new initiative in handling student discipline at St. Stan's. I briefly explained our goal to implement a Restorative Justice and Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports model to better support our teachers and to better teach our students about avoiding negative behaviors and embracing positive behaviors instead. An important piece to the Restorative Justice and PBIS model is the support of and partnership with parents at home.

Since these practices are new to the St. Stan's community, I will be using the month of November to send you more information on our practices as well as things parents can do at home to reinforce what our teachers are doing in the school. I encourage all parents to click on this link for a look at Restorative Practices at St. Stan's. This document will explain some of our approaches as well as the reasoning behind them. I welcome any questions you may have as far as how we all can work more closely together to benefit our students.

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Restorative Justice at Home (Part 1)

One thing that I have learned over my time in education is that every child is unique and that teaching math, science, or reading a certain way might work for one student, but might be ineffective for others. Discipline and behavior management are no different as each child responds differently to consequences and correction. I encourage families to reach out to your child(ren)'s classroom teacher for ways that you can help them to implement our Restorative Justice and PBIS model at home.

Respect and open conversations regarding expectations are major points of emphasis that I have tried to promote at St. Stan's this year. I encourage you to click on this link to view a lesson on how you could have similar conversations at home. This will not only reinforce the teaching we are doing at school, but it might help to improve relationships at home as well.

FSP November Lunch Menu & Sign-Up

Click on the image below or follow this link to see the lunch menu for November. Please visit the FSP lunch sign-up page to reserve lunches for your child(ren) throughout the month.

Home-Learning Hub

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

No School: Staff Development Day - November 12

There will be no school on Friday, November 12. The faculty and staff of St. Stan's will be engaged in professional development throughout the day.

No School: Thanksgiving Break - November 24-26

As part of the Thanksgiving/Fall Break, we will not have school on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Please celebrate safely and enjoy your family.


St. Stan's has joined a new athletic conference, the City-Suburban Catholic Conference!

Basketball Schedules & Locations

If you are interested in helping coach or in having your son/daughter involved in athletics at St. Stan's, please contact our Athletic Director, Mr. Ryan Reed, via email at

Extended Day Program

The registration process for our after care program has been fixed. Please use this link to register your child for our services. If you do not already have an account through the Procare App, please email Mr. Matthew Lolar at or our main office at, so that we can register you.

You must sign-up for aftercare services by the preceding Saturday of each week. To arrange your schedule through the Procare App, please click on this link.

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Contact Us

Please reach out to us if you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions. We love feedback from those we serve in the St. Stan's community!

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