West HS Special Education Dept.

Weekly Update, November 2, 2015

Co-Planning Article

Building a Strong BASE of Support for All Students Through Coplanning

TEACHING Exceptional Children, Vol. 33, No.4, pp. 24-30. The Council For Exceptional Children (CEC)
BASE is a co-planning strategy that supports teachers in meeting a broad range of student needs in one classroom. This co-planning method was developed by a team of 9th grade teachers who teach in an urban, non-tracked 9th grade mathematics classroom.


BASE as a Co-Planning Strategy

B - Identify the BIG Ideas

A - Analyze Areas of Difficulty

S - Strategies and Supports

E - Evaluate the Process

Click on the link below to access the article!

Professional Development Opportunities

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 4-5:30pm

737 East Hudson Street

Columbus, OH

Choose between these two fantastic PD opportunities!

1. Inclusion

Dr. Keisha Fletcher Bates will lead participants through interactive tools and resources to support all students in inclusive classrooms. This opportunity is located at the Hudson Distribution Center in the Professional Library.

2. Accommodations and Modifications

Mrs. Mia Prewitt will teach participants how to adapt curriculum and instruction to support students with disabilities. This opportunity is located at the Hudson Distribution Center in the Paul Lindquist room.

Department Updates

Reminders - Same as Last Week!

1. IEP Progress Reports

  • Due to Mrs. Chamberlain by November 4th
  • Mailed November 10th

*Make sure your data binder is ready! You can be asked to provide your data binder at any time if one of your IEP Progress Reports is pulled.

2. Scheduling IEP Meetings

  • Plan the meeting a minimum of 3-4 weeks in advance of the IEP Due Date.
  • Document attempts on three different dates using a variety of methods. The result of each attempt must also be documented on the Attempts page.
  • A draft of the IEP must be sent to the parent and IEP team prior to the IEP meeting. Document this communication on the Attempts page.
  • Complete the IEP Checklist and provide it to your grade level administrator, along with a draft of the IEP, prior to the IEP meeting.

3. PR-01s

  • We are no longer permitted to use the generic PR-01 provided to us last school year. Each PR-01 must be individualized, and provide a summary of the IEP meeting.
  • See examples and PR-01 tips on google drive - http://tinyurl.com/ccstools4u