By: Mady W.

What factors are important for a successful launch of your car?

A important thing for a successful launch is that you should have the car start at the same time, & they should have the cars both have the launch hole equal.

What are the best features of your car?

My best feature of my car is my paint job because I enjoy the racing stripe! It has a white stripe, a shinny, sliver windshield, and a red background.

Is there anything about your car that will negatively affect its performance?

I think that the screw hole maybe affect it when the fishing line runs through the car.

Predict how many mph will your car go?

I think that my car will go about 15 mph.

Car's speed

My car shoot out of a speed of 20.7 mph. Factors that helped my car go so fast was it was very aerodynamics. Being air dynamic allows that air to flow smoothly across the top of the car, pushing the air back.

Something that work well was...

Something that turned out well was the aerodynamics on my car and my paint job. The air dynamic allowed my car to be speedy fast like a rocket. The paint job on my car had a white race stripe, a sparkly wind chill, and a berry red background.

What I enjoyed most was...

The part that I enjoyed the most was the painting of the dragster. I enjoyed this the most because it let you express how you think the car should look, and how you feel.

What I struggled with was...

Something that I struggled with is that I made the car a little thicker. I would like it to be just a little thinner to make it have a great increase in speed.

My least favorite part was...

My least favorite part is when we had to work on the computer program. I wasn’t good at the computer program because I thought it was challenging to design a idea for a dragster.

What is speed?

When you think about speed, you think of a race car. But speed is how fast something is going or accelerating. You can find out how fast something is going is by doing distance divided by time. When you label speed you should use the label of mph.

What factors in the design of a car have a effect on speed?

Somethings that could effect a cars speed is the weight, tires, brakes and aerodynamics. The more weight the car has, the more effort it takes to make it move. If the car has old tires, the friction could cause the tires to rip. The brakes stop a car from accelerating. The way the air flows on the car can depend if it can go fast or slow.