Law of Attraction

The Secret is Out! Get What You Want Now! with Dawn Byrne

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We all live the Law of Attraction, whether we are consciously directing it or not. It's the same as gravity. It's a universal law that is with us 24 - 7 from the moment we are born.

Interviewed by Life Coach Rebecca Gordon, our guest in the Coaching Lounge, Dawn Byrne, explains how the Law of Attraction works. She gives some simple examples to make it easy to understand and apply this to your life right now.

Dawn addresses some of the most common questions people have about living the Law of Attraction and making it work for you.

There are no limits or subscription fees, no potions or need for magic charms. If you have ever wondered how to 'live' the 'secret' to attracting more of what you want in your life right now, then this is a 'must listen to' show.

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Dawn Byrne Interview Narrative by nguisani