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Restricted access to minors to movies

Little-known Facts about Movie Ratings

What Is Movie Rating ?

Is a voluntary system sponsored by the Motion Pictures Association of America. It is to provide parents with information on what there children are about to watch giving them there own decision if they want to watch it or not.
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What each rating means

G - General Audiences: All ages admitted. No nudity, sex scenes, or drug use.

PG - Parental Guidance: Some material may not be suited for children. More mature themes, violence, or brief nudity, no drug use.

PG13 - Parents Strongly Cautioned: Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. This goes beyond violence, nudity sensuality, languages, adult activity but doesn't reach restriction.

R - Restricted: Children under 17 require accompanying parent or guardian. contains adult material .

NC17 - No One 17 & Under Admitted : Violence, Sex, Aberrational Behavior, Drug Use. ETC

  • A movie does not have to be rated , It's a voluntary decision by filmmakers
  • It doesn't include whether a movie is good or bad. Audiences decide that
  • Ratings do not approve or disapprove , there purpose is to give the parents a content of what is the movie.
  • Usually it is better to have a Lower Rating


The film ratings started in 1968 when head chairman Jack Valenti replaced the moral censorship guidelines ( Hays Code ) with a new parent focused rating system. Hays code

was a distribution on whether or not the movie was moral according to a list of rules. Including No obscenity, Bad Language, No Violence No Drug Use, Murder Crime ETC. Now the movie rating system isn't to approve or disprove what we should see , but its made for parents to make good decisions on what to watch for there family . This is when PG-13 started in 1984 and NC-17 in 1990.

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Jenkins Vs Georgia

On April 15, 1994 , a Albany Georgia theater manager was convicted under a Georgia obscenity law . He showed the film " Carnal Knowledge " which showed conceptions of sexuality. The case wasn't decided until June 24 , 1994

The jury found Billy Jenkins was fined $750 and a year of probation.


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