Ethnic Fest Week!

4/8 to 4/11

Ethnic Fest

Ethnic Fest week is a great way to show all of the cultural diversity at Homestead. We have dress up days, activities, and performances to showcase the variety of cultures within our student body!

Ethnic Fest Week


  • Dress Up Day- Adventure Day
  • Lunch- Chopstick Dexterity Activity from the Chinese National Honor Society


  • Dress Up Day- Tacky Tourist Day
  • Brunch- Salsa Tasting from the Spanish National Honor Society
  • Lunch- Mariachi Band


  • Dress Up Day- Heritage Day
  • Brunch- Henna Tattoos from Indopak
  • Lunch- Club 'n' Grub


  • Dress Up Day- Colors of the World
  • Lunch- African Drummers
  • Rally Schedule


  • Holiday Schedule

Club 'n' Grub

Club 'n' Grub will be on Wednesday, April 10, in the Quad. Tickets will be sold at brunch and lunch in the Quad on Tuesday and Wednesday. 1 ticket is equal to $1. Take a look over the menu below to know how many tickets you need to get!