League of Woman Voters

Was one of the best-known womens group in the United States

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The Start of the LWV

Carrie Chapmon Catt

Carrie was born on January 9, 1859 in Ripon, Wisconsin . Carrie graduated from Iowa State Agricultural College. She also conceived the idea of an organization to unite women in 1919.
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Facts about the LWV

Five Percent of the members of National American Woman Suffrage Association became members of the LWV. The LWV was divided into 7 categories ; improvement of the electorial process, citizenship education, woman legal status, the condition of woman working in industry, child welfare, social hygiene, and food supply. The LWV lived by the idea of"Act with trust, integrity and professionalism". Acknowledge our heritage as we seek our path to the future. The LWV had respect for individuals and the value of diversity.
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LWV makes a major impact!!

**Fighting for women's suffrage. (which means the right to vote)

**Women did not have the right to vote and they wanted more respect from men and more say in government.

***LWV fought for women rights by making posters and marching

1988 - League of Women Voters End Sponsorship of Presidential Debates - Press Briefing

This event affected women in the future by getting them rights to vote

If the LWV never existed the world would be different because women would of never been able to vote if the lwv never did that

The LWV affected us by ( Ke,En,Gin) giving the women the right to vote