Friday River Launch

May 10, 2019

Connecting With Invisible Kids

Making the "invisible kid" feel visible.

Quiet students can feel invisible when bigger personalities in the classroom take charge. The best teachers are intentional about making "invisible kids" feel like an important part of the class.


  • Utilize the 3 A's when working with quiet students.
  • Acknowledge these students everyday by just making a comment or asking them a light personal question.
  • Appreciate when they make a contribution to the class or you learn something new about them.
  • Affirm them publicly and privately. Know what they prefer best.

  • Give students tasks and jobs in the classroom that encourage ownership and contribution to the larger group.

Thank you for helping invisible students be seen! ~~~~From ♥ CKH Teacher Tips


Coach's Corner ~~with Stephanie Sosa

Endings are times for celebration and appreciation, which lay the foundation for resilience in the days ahead. According to Elena Aguilar; " Endings are logical opportunities for celebrations; they are critical junctures for rituals that mark transitions and accomplishments." Even more important; "Celebrations boots our resilience, because, in looking back, we select the strands of story that we weave into a narrative of our strength." Let's edit our memories by focusing on our bright spots. How can you both show your students and your team mates how you appreciate them and thereby building their resilience and your own? Be specific and meaningful and more meaning will be felt by both the sender and receiver.

During this Teacher Appreciation Week-I would like to send my sincere appreciation for all of you for supporting me in my first year as Instructional Coach and allowing me to support you! I look forward to continuing to work together next year! It has been a true joy to work with such a wonderful group of teachers.

Thank you,

Stephanie Sosa

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