Spice-tacular Blog

by 4-402 Journalism Team

Chillin With Spice: All About Chili Powder

To cook up a scoop of an inside story, let’s spice it up with a story of Chili powder. We think we all know that Chili powder is spicy. All of our classmates eat takis -a spicy type of chips- and they have chili powder on it. Chili is red usually as we see it. We can say that it is dried powder and it have pulverized fruits of more varieties.

Chili powder contains 22 calories. We searched up some facts and found that there is no single recipe, but cumin, garlic, and oregano are traditional. They are made solely from Chili without additional seasoning. We think Chili powder is not very spicy for our classmates. They also have nutrition in there.

We think so because they seem to not drink water or sweating hot. I have a tip…… drink milk to cool it down, not water. Water will make it spicier. That’s because the chili seem to struggle in areas where water is scarce. It also doesn’t help much. It has 0g of trans fat, but it has 1.1g of total fat. It also have 0mg of cholesterol.

There were some facts we wanted to share on this blog, so here is some. Anyway I also can’t believe they have iron, and vitamin A. Could you believe that? Of course they are also with deep color, a rich flavor, and very little heat. Chili powder is usually for Mexicans and are found on the burritos and tamale dishes.

Almost all of our classmates like Merrick, Esa, Doston, Chris, and Joshua love Chili powder. It’s like they are in love with it. Everyday in the morning and lunch they eat spicy chips. Some people call Chili powder curry powder. We didn’t even know that chili powder was a healthy seasoning!

1,000 years ago, people in Asia used Chili powder for weapons. They throw it at enemies’ faces in wars. In Japan they use it to throw at people's faces for punishment. In the USA all postal staff carry Chili powder spray to defend against dogs and other animals attack. Here is a fun fact: elephants hate the smell of Chili powder.

We hope you like this chili powder blog. Cooks, this blog is for you to be inspired by Chili powder. We all love to spice up our dishes. Chili powder is a great spice to use for that purpose. Can you create a wonderful entree that really brings out the beauty of this hot-fire spice called chili powder? Thanks for reading. Hope this blog spices or warms up your winter.

Garlic Garlic Garlic

Garlic is a powerful source of food. We are not exaggerating when we say that it has magical powers. After reading this blog post, you'll be so thankful for garlic. Just try to keep yourself from buying millions of garlic though.

Garlic has been used as medicine and food for thousands of years. Egyptians and gravediggers drank crushed garlic and wine because they believed it would protect them from plagues. During World War l and ll, soldiers ate garlic to prevent gangrene, death of soft tissue.

Garlic is also used to prevent heart disease and high cholesterol. Garlic also slows down lower blood pressure. Garlic helps prevent colds. People took either placebo - a type of medicine - or garlic for 12 weeks during a cold season. Those who took garlic had less colds than the people who took placebo. Garlic is a natural source of medicine that is very effective! So now you know what to do, or should we say, you know what to eat when you get sick.

Garlic also helps fight cancer cells. People who eat raw and cooked garlic are less likely to get colon and stomach virus.

Wow, isn't garlic amazing? Garlic definitely makes our life better. Are you thankful for garlic? We are so thankful that a great source for healthy life like garlic is easy to get. All you need to do is go to a supermarket and open up your wallet! Cooks, your challenge is to now create delicious food that contains this magical spice, garlic.