Stay Safe in Cyberspace

The internet is amazing, but are you safe?

The Age of Criminal Responsibility

The age of criminal responsibility is 10, meaning anyone over the age of 10 will be held responsible for their actions and will face the consequences.


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit photos to another person. If you are under eighteen, it is EXREMELY illegal, and is counted as posession of indecent images of a child.

What are your rights?

Staying safe on Social Networks

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has strict policies for minors (people under 18) and it is important that you have your privacy settings on Facebook disallowing people who are not your friends to see your photos, status updates, phone number, email address etc.

'Mutual Frinds'

Just because someone who requests you has a mutual friend, does NOT mean you should add them. For example, if an untrusworthy human was to friend request someone they didn't know, and that person accepted, they could go through that person's friends and request them, and if that person was the accept the untrustworthy human on the basis that they were a mutual friend, the untrsutworthy human could keep going through the original persons friends, and build a small group of mutual friends that would make them appear trustworthy and legitimate.

Spotting Fakes

When checking whether someone has a legitimate Facebook page check for the following

  1. Have they got extremely high numers of friends? Thousands?
  2. Do they have many photos?
  3. If they do - do they look like photos a normal person would take? Or something that could be found online?
  4. Do they post statuses often?