Birthday Brocheure

By: Tyler Wegner , Born: 8/20/2002

People with the Birthday of August 20th

5 important events in the month of August

1. Barack Obama, the 44th President, was born on August 4th in Honolulu, and later moved to Chicago and attended Harvard Law school. He than moved to Illinois and ran for president is 2004. He won and became the first African American.

2. August 24-25th, the British attacked the White House, Capitol, and about every public building during the war of 1812. They did it for revenge for the attack on Toronto.

3. The March on Washington occurred on August 28th, 1963 by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. where over 250,000 people marched for civil rights. This is when Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous "I Have a Dream speech."

4. On August 18th, 1920 the 19th amendment was passed and women now had the legal right to vote.

5. In 1946, Bill Clinton was born and was later elected as the 42nd president. He was the first president to be born after World War II

Interesting facts about 2002.

1. The Superbowl champions in 2002 were the New England Patriots. The cost for an ad during the game was $1,900,000

2. The Anaheim Angles won the World Series to the San Francisco Giants.

3. The biggest movie in 2002 was Spiderman.

4. The most watched T.V show was CSI over every other show

5. The most famous quote from 2002 to was "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

My personal experiences

My 12th birthday was my favorite! A friend and I combined our parties into one party and had over 20 people come. We played as many rounds of paintball as we could in the time that we had the place rented and we had so much fun!

Another time was when I brought about 5 friends to my lake cabin and we J spend the whole weekend up there and go tubing and skiing and swim for the whole time.

My last memory was my first party ever. I was In kindergarten and I invited my whole entire preschool. We had a backyard water party and we ran through the sprinklers, and made water slides, and we even had a giant bounce house! All of these parties were some of the greatest memories I have ever had!

Interesting facts about the month of August

1. The birth flowers in August are the gladiolus and the poppy.

2. The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison on August 12, 1877.

3. On August 1st, Colorado became the 38th state.

4. On August 3rd, the Lincoln penny was issued.

5. The Zodiac signs for August are Leo(July 23- August 22) and Virgo ( August 23- September 22)